Asia Roma

Asia Roma is bi-level, with a bar and dining room on the upper level, lounge and dining room on lower level. Karaoke is available on both levels. Seating capacity for sit-down dinner is 35 people on the upper level dining room, 45 people on the lower level dining room. Standing cocktail receptions can accommodate 120 people total. Asia Roma not only offers an innovative menu, it also combines an old Asian party entertainment, Karaoke, where everybody can go on stage and be a star. The fun part of karaoke is that you are sure to get that round of applause, whether you’re a pro or it’s your first time on a microphone. Karaoke is fast becoming a choice for party entertainment. Asia Roma caters to birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette, and even corporate parties for those looking to liven up an office atmosphere. Small and large groups are welcome and we offer very attractive party packages.

Location & History

Asia Roma is located in lower Manhattan, bordering Civic Center and Chinatown. It was a neighborhood during the late 19th century called” Five Points”, nearly forgotten today, but was known as the world’s most notorious slum.

As mentioned in the New York Times Best Seller book “Five Points” by author Tyler Anbinder, copyrighted and released in 2001, the changes in the once infamous neighborhood include “The Asia Roma Restaurant on Mulberry Street offers Asian-Italian cooking, as well as a karaoke bar.”

Our Menu

Asia Roma is pleased to present a menu featuring a fusion of Italian-Asian cuisine. The two cuisines combine so harmoniously; both cultures being rich in pasta-noodle dishes. Here at Asia Roma, both versions are combined to make one, not served separately. One of our very favorite signature dishes combines an old Italian classic pesto sauce infused with Asian flavors to create our “Grilled Shrimp in Asian Pesto” with baby field greens in crispy wonton Shell.

Another favorite is “Chicken Asia Roma” with prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes and Chinese snow peas. And of course, a selection of traditional Italian pasta dishes for those just looking for simple comfort food.